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THE OLD SCOTTISH STONE (from Wulfrunian Footprints in Fife)
This poem was written after a work related visit to St Andrews. At anytime of day or night I would stroll past the famous Old Coarse to be by the coast. The Auld Scottish Staine, as said in Scotch dialect was very easy to write. It was feelings coming from within, and should be read as if the sea and land are in conversation with me.

Property of RKB

Property of RKB

part extract;

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
9th June 2002

What should I be thinking?
Or should I say,
As I stand on the coast
At St Andrews Bay.

The homeland of golf
The American voice,
They come to The Kingdom
They come of their choice.

As the waves cover over
The old Scottish stone,
A thought in my mind
A feeling of home...

Property of RKB

TH AULD SCOTTISH STAINE © (part extract)
by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Whit shoods Ah be thinkin
Ur shoods Ah say,
As Ah stain oan th coest
At St Andrews bay.

Th homelain ay golf
Th American voice,
They cam tae th kingdom
They cam ay their choice.

As th waves cowre ower
Th auld Scottish staine,
A thooghts in mah min
A feelin ay haem.

Fur fife a flam will burn
As lang as Ah bide Ah will learn,
Whaur Ah was frae an fa Ah am
Whit is th bluid at runs ben thes cheil.

Loch th flags Ah am flyin
Loch th staine Ah am grey,
Ive a bauld Scottish passion
at willnae wash awa.

Th Auld Scottish Staine, ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT ©


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