Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett.

part extract;

Above everything that we had
We knew we had love from our mom and dad.
Everything that we got
Things we should do and things we should not...

part extract;
by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

I remember the rolled up sleeves,
And the brown tanned arms.
The second shirt button that was always undone,
Leaving a tan so dark from the ray of the sun...

part extract;

Cricket beside the caravan,
Blue skies welcomed me.
Easter in Aberystwyth,
A few days by the sea.

Easter In Aberystwyth © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

part extract;
by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Time spent where the Severn flows,
a quaint old market town.
Bridgnorth on the Severn,
a piece of childhood heaven.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

part extract;

Wee Robie fell off a wall
off a wall in Gt Yarmouth,
Wee Robie still has a scar
has a scar on his forehead...

Relaxing in my hotel room in Trondheim, Norway thinking about my past.
One memory is following my elder brother and cousin climbing onto a wall when on holiday in Gt Yarmouth and waking up as I was being wheeled into hospital.

And the photo of me in my new pedal car that I had for Christmas. My elder brother is standing aside with his accordian.

Wee Robie © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

part extract;
WHITE HORSE of OSMINGTON HILL © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

From Bowleaze Cove,
each morning along the coastal path, upon the cliff, next to where,
land gives way to the beach and salty sea,
the grey like, somewhat blue like salty sea.

Danger signs were there, the obvious word is everywhere
warning signs, do not go near,
for safety reasons please keep clear!

An ode about returning to a holiday destination of where you have been as a child. At Weymouth, this was as a child, parent and grandparent.
'Takes me back to getting on near a half a hundred year'. Could be a wee bit longer than that!

LKP School report of Weymouth 2013

We arrived for our Summer holiday at Weymouth on Saturday 22nd June 2013 to a welcome of American and British Army vehicles. There was jeeps, tanks, ambulances, motorcycles and everything you could think of. The children were allowed to sit in a vehicle for a short while. Many people were dressed in uniform and there was also stalls where you could buy wristbands and badges in support of the armed services.

At 11.00 o'clock there was a display on the beach of armed personnel having to build a bridge for the vehicles to get over. The Mayor and Mayoress were introduced to the Soldiers and photographs were taken of them on the bridge. There was loud applause at the end from hundreds of people who were watching.

On Sunday morning we planned to visit Sea Life. To our surprise when we arrived on the car park the armed vehicles and soldiers were also there and were about to set-off to drive along the Weymouth Esplanade. A small army of soldiers came marching into the car park and were ordered to stand to attention.

Sea Life was brilliant with many sea creatures that you would not usually see unless you were under water. Some of what we seen were Stingrays, Sharks and Turtles. A few of the Turtles were being cared for as they had been in accidents with boats. There was also Penguins, Eels and Jellyfish. We were able to stroke shells of Spidercrabs. In one place in Sea Life the sea creatures were swimming over our heads.

We had a good afternoon in the swimming pool and in the evening we spent time on the beach looking for interesting rocks and shells. We collected the best we could find and set them out in the caravan to have our photograph taken with them. Weymouth is a perfect place to explore the Jurassic Coast.

Next morning after breakfast and a stroll about the market, we drove to Weymouth. Upon passing the War Memorial we noticed small crosses with poppies on. They had names on and had been put there from relatives of soldiers who had been killed the First and Second World Wars.

We parked up by the docks and had a leisurely walk to the harbour. At mid-day the bells chimed and very soon there was a loudspeaker announcement to keep clear of the barriers. We soon noticed why as the bridge raised to let a yacht with a tall mast come through. After lunch it was an hour on the beach where we found two crab shells.

From the promenade we could see the White Horse of Osmington that is cut out in the hill. It is visible for miles and is supposed to be King George 111 riding his horse away from Weymouth and was sculptured in 1808 in the limestone hill. On the way back later that afternoon we drove up to near where we could see it best and it is huge.

We travelled for a day out at Monkey World. Some of the monkeys had been rescued and were now living out a better life. On the way we were driving behind two army tanks which had Learner  plates on. We were near to Bovington Army Camp, the British Military Base in Dorset. As a matter of interest this is where Grandad Robbie's brother was born as Gt Grandad Jock was stationed there and lived in the area with Gt Nan Dot. Next day we went to Portland Bill to see the lighthouse where Grandad Robbie went to as a boy with his dad.

The last day of our week in Weymouth was spent on the beach and in the pool at Waterside Holiday Park where Liam was improving his swimming. A Fire Engine passed us as we were walking along the Esplanade so we waved at the Firemen and they waved back.

Sun was shining as we awoke to start our journey back home. Grandad Robbie packed the car with our luggage, rocks we had found on the beach and a whole lot of happy memories.

L.K.P with 'Grandad' Robbie Kennedy Bennett.

Additional Information;
Grandad Robbie had first came to Weymouth when he was a young boy. He can recall going to Chesil Beach and Portland Bill. Most importantly he remembered the White Horse of Osmington. His children were also to spend a camping holiday there when they were young. In 2010 his son and his young family were to spend a holiday there with him. Then in 2013 his daughter and her children were to see what their family had seen before them.

Poetic Writing of Robbie Kennedy Bennett

White Horse of Osmington Hill © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

part extract;
A GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

A Garden of Remembrance
Wintertime mid-day,
A peaceful, peaceful feeling
In a sentimental way...

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

A Garden of Remembrance © Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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