Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett. FROM GT BRITAIN TO LOUISIANA. This is a true story poem about 2 relatives, he was the elder of the two and she had left Gt Britain for a new life in America. On a visit back home he had given to her 2 coins, one crown and a half-crown. Many years later she sent the coins back from her home in Louisiana to his sons in Gt Britain. Written with deepest love for Joan, kindred love in Louisiana.

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This is a part of the reply when I asked if my desciption was near to be correct.

When I was in England he always came and found me. I suppose you were told of the coins he gave to me as a gift when I visited England. I have treasured them for years, now they are back home.

From Gt Britain To Louisiana © Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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