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Ash Cook, Robbie has a wonderful way with his writing, to the point of drawing you in and creating images in your head that are unique to only you, the reader. May your Mom rest in peace......I'm sure she was very proud of you......x (AG)

Former Wolves man Robbie scores a winner with his other passion – poetry;
Express & Star 29/02/2020

Awa' th' Rough Hills an' Awa';
An interesting message a couple of weeks ago from my older brother telling me that Grace, my great-niece, was reading my Rough Hills book and had taken it into school. She was pleased to let it be known to me that her teachers were ordering two copies. Absolutely chuffed to bits with that feedback as that school was my daughters first and is in the area included in that book.

EDDIE; 'A Fighting Desire.'
This is a short story based on my poem, 'A Fighting Desire,' that I wrote in 1991. A person's bravery effects everyone that cares for them. Some people handle that worry better than others do. 'Eddie' was first featured in two parts in the Black Country Bugle in 2004 with some name alterations and additional content added in 2020 for this edition. The story is set in a fictional town in the industrial Black Country. The events and characters are based on no one in particular, living or deceased. Available on Kindle only. 18/02/2020

Our Trail to Scotland;
My latest book, Our Trail to Scotland, published 31/12/2019 making four Scottish ancestry reading to date. 1st was Wulfrunian Footprints in Fife; 2nd was Back an' Forth tae Fife; 3rd was Th' Callin o' Fife and now my 4th Our Trail to Scotland. It is advisable to read in that order to follow my journey best. See my Authors Page on Amazon if you wish to purchase. Avise la Fin RKB 13/02/2020

What a beautiful poem Robbie. It reminds me of when I worked as a therapist in a psych unit, many years ago now. I would use visualisation techniques as part of our relaxation groups and this poem is so close to the imagery that was felt then. Thank you. x (GS) 23/09/2019

I got copied into a fantastic message yesterday on social media:
"Today I Had The Privilege And Great Honour To Meet Robbie Kennedy Bennett, A Fantastic Wolverhampton Man."
"A Wolverhampton poet ...he signed 2 books ... Brilliant !!
He also added;
"I was a bit over whelmed yesterday it was great to meet you ..Oh Flower Of Scotland" "I love your writing." (CB)

AWA' TH' ROUGH HILLS AN AWA'; Received good feedback from David Beazley (formerly Cotswold Road).

AWA' TH' ROUGH HILLS AN AWA'; Received 2 x feedback from recently from children of Rough Hills. (Simpkiss & Anslow)

TALKING WOLVES TO GRAHAM HAWKINS; September 2016, the sad passing of one of footballs nice guys. On the October day of the funeral of Graham my poem was displayed on Wolves official Facebook page.

BACK AN' FORTH TAE FIFE; October 2016, article of myself and book in newspapers in my ancestral Fife.

NEW REVIEWS; added to book pages, see titles on left hand menu.

BACK AN' FORTH TAE FIFE; my latest book published August 2016

'KICKING AROUND CODSALL' two slideshows.
See page CODSALL and OAKEN.

Video for the 10th anniversary in memory of Ben

SOJOURN IN ST ANDREWS; video made for you tube.

'ODE GOLD WOLVES; video made for you tube.

ON A WOLVERHAMPTON JOURNEY; video made for you tube.

AWA' TH' ROUGH HILLS AN AWA'; video made for you tube.

BOOKS BY ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT; video made for you tube.

WULFRUNIAN FOOTPRINTS in FIFE; my first video made for you tube. Over 4 minutes of pictures and poetic words that found its way to the production of this 351 page book of tracing and walking where my ancestors have lived and toiled.

ON A WOLVERHAMPTON JOURNEY; article in Black Country Bugle 25/11/2015

WULFRUNIAN FOOTPRINTS in FIFE; So happy to receive your book I just can't put it down it means so much to me and to know someone so close to me wrote it, love you Robbie xxx

BLACK COUNTRY BUGLE; a feature of me and my writing appeared in an issue in September. The Bugle and I go back a long way.

AWA' TH' ROUGH HILLS AN AWA'; receives 5 star review 27 August 2015 on Amazon; I was also born on, and like you, grew up on and around Cheviot Road, Rough Hills. The book is indeed something to be proud of. It brings back so many memories of my 60's & 70's childhood - some long forgotten. Reading it was like going back in time.
Well done and thank you.

AUTHOR PAGE; set one up on Amazon with direct links to my books, a biography and author photos.

WULFRUNIAN FOOTPRINTS in FIFE; "absolutely brilliant" was the call I received from Bob P. regarding my book in June 2015.

WULFRUNIAN FOOTPRINTS in FIFE; picture and feature printed in Fife Free Press and St Andrews Citizen in May 2015.

'ODE' GOLD WOLVES, article in Wolves commemorative programme v Bournemouth 6 December 2014.

Hi, Robbie, how are you? hope all is well. Great news on your book, mate, grand to see it in print at last. really enjoying"Wulfrunian Footprints In Fife" on my kindle, you paint a lovely picture with your words. My new book is nearing completion and was wondering if I could use one of your poems in THE GUEST SPOT. I already have a couple of contributors and would love to have one of yours....thinking of "When I Walked To Leven"...or any other if you would be so kind...cheers, BOB.(Robert Brews, Author and Poet)

Had a lovely 5 x star review on Amazon this week for my e-book WULFRUNIAN FOOTSTEPS in FIFE. My thoughts go back to the 1980's when I first started writing and my ambition was to get a poem printed in The Black Country Bugle. 'Really enjoyed Robbie's poetry, it guides you through a passage of his family history and how he came to be where he is now.'

THE DEPENDABLE JODY CRADDOCK; poem printed in Jody's Testimonial Brochure 2013.

BIRMINGHAM MAIL; It came as a surprise yesterday to find that my poem about William Ambrose Wright (Billy Wright) was read out, to music may I add, last February on Birmingham Mail's Extra Time Podcast.

It mentions that anyone visiting Molineux cannot fail to miss the statue of the great Wolves and England captain.

Accordingly it's the first time to have a reading, bringing a bit of culture to the programme.


A SCOTS LADDIE CALLED CAMERON BUCHANAN, Poem of the Week on Football Poets, the laddie from Holytown, North Lanarkshire who during World War 2, became the youngest player to play senior football aged 14 years and 57 days when he turned out for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

PICTURE BRiTAIN, I had noticed that a verse of my poem THE SILVER TRAIL TO CRAIL was in an article of the East Neuk, Fife on Picture Britain's website. Only recently have I found that Picture Britain is produced by a young American lady by the name of Abigail Rogers and describes herself as a Britophile. Abigail finally made her long ambition of visiting Gt Britain this year. Link to the article on Picture Britain website and further reading are below my poem.

ST MARTIN of TOURS; a complimentary e-mail request for my writing to be in their Parish Magazine.

This morning I received a complimentary E-mail from Mike Thomas of Duncan-Edwards website about my ode of Duncan Edwards. Poem and story is on their tribute page;


COLLESSIE, A nice start to the day with a request to feature my poem titled Collessie on the website dedicated to the beautiful hamlet of Collessie in North East Fife.

Robbie Kennedy Bennet's postcard from The Howe

A friend of mine requested a poem for his speech at the marriage of his daughter. No doubt all responsible Dad's will understand the feelings written in the poem. See Page WHAT IS LOVE?

ROGER G. BULL, new paragraph added concerning the celebration of the life of Roger who sadly passed away in November 2010 aged 54. See Page WERE YOU ONE OF THE THIRTY?

MARIE STUART, a poem about a hotel not far from Hampden Park and a guest book message from a lady who lived there as a young girl.

THE SCULPTURE CAME FROM KELSO, descendants of James and William Forsyth leave messages in Guest Book.
See Page JAMES FORSYTH 1826-1910

THE PADDYWACKS, they play in the Dubliner, Santa Ponsa, Majorca and are an excellent duo. I've added a wee story behind the poem A BASEMENT BAR IN LIMERICK which was read out by Bob Brolly on his Irish music show. I plan to send him an e-mail telling him how good they are.

THE STRATH WON THE FIFE CUP, an ode to the team who won the Fife Amateur Cup 2008-09. View on Page FOOTIE POEMS.

THE FIFE CUP 2009, winners Strathmiglo United represented in Guest Book.

FIFE MY FRIEND, return to the coastal path and my first visit of the year to Fife for my Homecoming Scotland 2009. Meeting the guys of 3(Fighter)Sqn Royal Air Force who were walking coast to coast from Oban to St Andrews for Motor Neurone. Also, Strathmiglo United were due to win the Fife Cup that very evening.

EMILY SMILED, brave Emily Garrington-Harris, former pupil at Codsall High School who passed away on 4th January 2009 aged 28. On December 10, Emily performed a solo dance in Birmingham in aid of the Wish Upon A Star appeal for terminally ill children. See poem on page Flighty Guy.

Stars on a Difficult Day;
A poem instigated by the doorstep applause by the people in appreciation of the coronavirus health workers. This was liked and commented by many on social media and requests made to share. One was by Janet C. "This wonderful Man & his poetry x thank you Robbie Kennedy Bennett x" 27/03/2020

April 2017
I grew up in Cathcart, Glasgow. Your childhood sounds very like mine. So much freedom, mischief and fun. Your writing is wonderful. I'm not a poetry fan, I never really got it. Yours I did, from the very first one I read and I read them several times. Keep posting, please. (GP)

Jan 2017
I read your stuff and I know I'm gonna weep...I do it often and I don't always comment ...I find it near to my heart..I thank you for it all and my own times I have sat in silence .. it's good to share..happy 2017
..don't stop ! (AW)
Nah ...don't pause because people can take it or leave it.. I think when you go out and write something it's of the now..I think that's's you..we can take it or leave keep posting..a winters morn in Fife/Codsall...where else ?? (AW)
Your heart is open,it's a good inspirational thing..and why not in a sour world where your words bring a little solace ! Happy new year..much warmth to your kind. (AW)

Jan 2017
AWA' TH' ROUGH HILLS AN AWA'; Loved it, it took me right back to the learning years of rough hills. The whole book was a pleasure, thanks Robbie. Bob (formerly pider)

Glenda S.
Comment for FRIENDSHIP, Lovely Robbie. Lots of food for thought there. We are lucky enough to have a few real, true friends, and even the ones we don't keep in touch with so much, close pals from army times, we know that if we rang them at 3 am asking them for help they would be there by plane train or car as we would for them.Going to give one or two of them a call this weekend, just because of reading this, so thank you for posting x

Rita B.P. Feel like I've just been on a journey home,thank you Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Brian R. Scotland has Robbie Burns but Parkfields has Robbie Bennet Lol

Angie G. Comment for THERE'S FOLK WORSE OFF THAN ME; Wonderful poetry, wouldn't expect anything less from you Robbie

Janet C. Comment for THE NEW TOMORROW; wow that just made me cry Robbie Kennedy Bennett your poems touch my heart & soul x your talent is meaningful xx love them xx

Greta R. Love all these memories you wake up in us,Robbie,thank you so much!xx

WULFRUNIAN FOOTPRINTS in FIFE; So happy to receive your book I just can't put it down it means so much to me and to know someone so close to me wrote it, love you Robbie xxx

ON A WOLVERHAMPTON JOURNEY; Given it to Mom to read about 3 hours ago she hasn't put it down yet. Vyrnwy

Kim M.W. I'm sure you'll be writing for ever Robbie, you're very talented xxx

Laura T
(from Facebook for The Ancient Town)
I loved reading this Robbie ,it must be such a blessing to rewalk the steps of your ancestors and feel the connection to them

Lesley B
(from Facebook for When I Walked to Leven)
The knees may not be as willing to move Robbie, but the writing's very moving. Thank you for sharing this with us Fifers. We maybe don't always fully appreciate what we have so thank you for reminding so beautifully.

Amy W
(from Facebook for When I Walked to Leven)
Robbie I loved reading this and understand exactly your need to journey through your roots. "Keep right on to the end of the road " and keep writing too.

Kathryn G
(from Facebook for When I Walked to Leven)
Wow, I loved reading this, thanks for sharing. Your ancestors will be so proud. Keep walking and keep writing

Anne G
(from Facebook for When I Walked to Leven)
What a fantastic journey you are on, here's to many more miles, discoveries and tales to tell.

Caroline A
(from Facebook for When I Walked to Leven)
Brilliant.....keep those legs a walking and those fingers a typing!

Mick P
"The people of the Rough Hills Estate, this book is a must. How true to life it really is. Bob, I've never been a 'book worm' so to speak, but I can't seem to be able to put this book down as it is absolutely fantastic. Great work Bob, keep it going"

Gwen L
(from Facebook)
Beautiful words-wish everyone could think this way, wouldn't it be a better world? You put into words what we can't, thanks Rob.

Hi Robbie, good morning, just wanted to let you know I have just read your book Wulfrunian Footprints in Fife, I really loved the way how you explained how you came to writing the book with your dad coming from that area and your interest in finding the history of the family name, I pick out a few of your poems which struck a cord with me, firstly "Isabella" I thought I wonderful how you had found your grandmothers grave and then managed to get a few lines in verse to celebrate it, "Thomas Joseph Harris" brings it home to you how working condition were for our ancestors thankfully we now have Health and Safety, "they walked all the way from Glasgow" I will admit I didn't know anything about this until I had read your poem it showed what sportsmen will do for there sport. "Munro O' Broughty Ferry, as we are almost the same age you along with me will remember the good Wolves team of the late sixties early Seventies and Frank Munro was part of that team, I remember my dad was playing darts for the Paget Arms up at the Wolves club when they announced they had brought Frank, he came home and told me all about it."Fifer's Day1938" (not all football related, but it made an impression on me) what a fantastic day that must have been for such a small club, I can only Imagine the whole town being ecstatic about the outcome. "The Terrace at Bell Rock Tavern" it must have been a bit of a homecoming for you standing there looking out on what your ancestors had seen before you and managing to take in the beauty of it. "Inherent Wolverhampton" this completed a full circle for me I had followed you north of the border around your ancestral land and finally back home to your family. Thank you for the poems and ode's, I will give it a good write up when Amazon ask me to score/ comment on it. I have also downloaded "Ode" gold Wolves, and will get back to you once I have read it. Thanks again. John.

Gwen L
(from Facebook)
Beautiful words-wish everyone could think this way, wouldn't it be a better world? You put into words what we can't, thanks Rob.

01/03/2014 09:18
(from Facebook)
Hello,,your beautiful poem the Pennies dropped landed on my newsfeed today,,its been a year and two days since my mom passed away,,we werent a vocal family at all,,but these words resonated with how I feel so exactly,,I shared it,,

Martin wrote: "Hi Rob, just read your new book. I laughed and cried mate, great childhood memories flooded back and touching stuff about your dad. It got me."
December 2014

Hello mate. Just started reading Robs book I have to say I am only ten pages in and am moved to tears, the memories come flooding back, touching stuff about ya dad. Tell him well done he's got me hooked.
Martin D.
November 2014

MeSmerised by the Poetry today Bob – yes I knew you were a Poet but had never really read much of what you had written but I have today –on your website- AND I LOVED IT.
26 September 2012

Hi Robbie, The Smart Community Fife website have an interesting story titled Robbie Kennedy Bennet's postcard from the Howe. 
Comment by: Owen
19 September 2012 - 07:00:18

Just discovered your site while doing some family research. Ex-Cheviot Road and All Saints school. Football - Dixon Street or Rooker Avenue/Lawn Road. Anyone remember Glynmar FC or Bridge Sports (1967+)? Speedway at Monmore Green in the 60's. Trainspotting (steam) by the 'cut' or by the bridge near Monmore Green stadium in the late 50's. The Rooker Avenue shops. The no. 30 bus. Thanks for the Rough Hills photos and memories, Robbie. Keep up the good work. 
Comment by: Derek Mills
12 January 2012 - 16:35:37

Hi dad
Just flying by and having a peep at what you do when moms at work!!...Love you xx Marie xx 
Comment by: Marie Bennett
21 December 2011 - 22:43:24

Hello Mary, thank you so much for visiting my site. I believe the correct spelling is 'McGrory' and it must be an error on my part. Thanks also for bringing it to notice and the interesting facts you have kindly added. Best Wishes.  
Comment by: Robbie
14 December 2011 - 07:37:56

Hello Mr. Bennett - I do have a question - I noticed you spelled a name from the Celtics Football League two different ways. Which is correct? Jimmy "McGrory" or "McGory?" I ask because I came across his name in my mum's diary in 1931 when she dated him aboard the ship the "Aquitania[?]" when it came to Scotland from America. She didn't get his name right either. Please clarify. Thank you!  
Comment by: Mary Bahr
14 December 2011 - 01:53:48

I happened upon your site while doing family research. I greatly enjoyed not only your poems, but also your thoughtful narrative and pictures. Incidentally, my Great Great Grandmother was Jessie Smith Bennet, the sister of your Hector, who left Scotland in 1925.  
Comment by: J.F. Livesey
16 November 2011 - 16:14:46

I came across your poem 'Auchtermuchty Fields' while I was on Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom website, and I thought it was stunning. I work for Smart Community Fife which is a website run by a small independent charity ( ) made up of a local, voluntary steering group. Our site’s aim is to promote everything that’s going on in the Heart of Fife. I wondered if we could have your permission to put up a few of your poems on our site. We would credit you of course and put a link up to your website.
Hope to hear from you soon
Comment by: Jenni Gudgeon
05 October 2011 - 15:04:31

Very impressed Bob,"Were you one of the thirty"reminded me of growing up on our estate,my mum says you have to visit Ayrshire and write some poems about the west coast,another fan i think. 
Comment by: Gary Paterson
03 October 2011 - 20:46:35

i would recommend any fathers of the bride to be to take a look at kisses and wishes and the story it tells i read it after my speech , so perfect of how i thought thanks bob  
Comment by: terry emery
22 August 2011 - 11:57:37

Well bob what a dark horse you are known you what three years now had no idea what a fantastic hidden talent you have will add your site to my favourites and keep upto date with your fantastic writing well done what a talent  
Comment by: Chris Burgoyne
05 August 2011 - 10:35:43

Your really have very cool site!
Can i subscribe to your RSS if your have?!?!?!
Please mail me about it... 
Comment by: fifyibroday
24 February 2011 - 09:50:48

(grand national) nice one mate see ya soon 
Comment by: hoddy
11 December 2010 - 11:08:10

Hiya Barry, twice in 2 days the 'National' was mentioned to me therefore it must have been a legend of a race for us kids.

'Have a good un'

Comment by: Robbie
11 December 2010 - 07:59:38

just a thought how about writing a poem about when we would run the grand national over the hedges round the block good luck  
Comment by: hoddy
10 December 2010 - 13:05:38

hiya mate just a note to say merry xmas and a happy new-year hope all is well with you and your family see ya at the match one day  
Comment by: hoddy
10 December 2010 - 12:56:05

Hi Robbie (aka "Bobby B"),
Thanks for letting me know about the website and your picture of Dandy. Will have to make a trip to Scotland one day. All the best to your family and keep inspired to write those poems. Wishing all the best from Toronto! 
Comment by: Marcelo Almeida
09 December 2010 - 11:10:52

hello robbie,
always seem to find something new on your page rob, hope everyone is o k
Comment by: rick
26 October 2010 - 15:26:16

I stumbled across your poem about Jock Stein tonight and the Marie Stuart Hotel. I was actually raised in the Hotel when it was owned by my Aunt and Uncle who were good friends with Uncle Jock and I wondered if you had stayed there or been at any of our parties which you refer to in your poem? I'm so sad to see it as it is now although I've lived in England for 33 years but I've heard how run down it is. Whenever I remember it though I think of all the parties where Uncle Jock sang and we had a ball. 
Comment by: Pauline Lewis
17 September 2010 - 23:12:49

We Knew We Had Love, seaside childhood memories. 
Comment by: Owen
05 July 2010 - 22:03:22

Bob, just seen "Welsh Flavour" for the first time, love it!! 
Comment by: Sparky
18 June 2010 - 23:39:07

David, Bob spoke about you on his return. I cannot read "The Glenbuck Cherrypicker" without tears, it's a great story about a great belief! The legend that is Shanks! Get's me everytime. Glad you enjoyed it. Best wishes 
Comment by: Sparky
18 June 2010 - 23:36:11

Hi David, thanks for visiting my site and glad you enjoyed the Glenbuck Cherrypicker. I thought you would like it. I really enjoyed meeting you all in Canada. Please pass on my best wishes to everyone there. BB 
Comment by: Robbie
17 June 2010 - 22:01:29

Hi Bob,
Great to meet you in Toronto this weekend. Thanks for alerting me to this great poetry. Esp. love the Cherrypicker!
David Tooke 
Comment by: David Tooke
17 June 2010 - 18:29:15

Thank you Michael for your kind message. I have added it to the poem on page Fifer’s Day.
Comment by: Robbie
17 April 2010 - 09:03:46

I was drawn to your site by the poem on Ladyank Panthers. I founded the club a few years back so it was nice to see the recognition you had given it. Thank you. 
Comment by: Michael Fox
17 April 2010 - 06:42:47

Comment by: ann inglis
20 January 2010 - 17:08:49

Hi Robbie
Love your new site - so glad you've got your own now - and hope it gets lots of visitors.
Kind regards
Comment by: May
13 January 2010 - 18:24:42

Hi Robbie
Love your new site - so glad you've got your own now - and hope it gets lots of visitors.
Kind regards
Comment by: May
13 January 2010 - 18:24:21

love reading the poems over and over again really brings me close to our ancestors good job robbie  
Comment by: joangrabert
03 January 2010 - 22:47:04

Wishing all visitors a great Hogmanay and Happy New Year. Here's to 2010. 
Comment by: Robbie
31 December 2009 - 15:34:13

Hi Robbie, 'My Bilston Belle' poem is in this weeks Black Country Bugle. 
Comment by: Owen
26 October 2009 - 07:44:10

STAN CULLIS. Sad to read about the plight of Willenhall Town FC on the front page of the Express and Star on Monday 28 September 2009. I had a season there as a youth coach back in the 1990's when my son played there. You do feel as though you are at a real club with the ground and the history. What I didn't know was that Stan Cullis had opened the Noose Lane ground in 1975. I hope after the sale that there is football played there for many years to come. 
Comment by: Robbie
29 September 2009 - 06:05:40

Hello Bob, I have viewed your website over the last couple of nights and have enjoyed every minute of it. I particularly enjoyed the poems, The old scottish stone and the Ladybank violet, which took me back to when i was younger and dreamt of playing for Scotland too,. I will continue to read and follow your website. Hope to see you soon Andy. 
Comment by: Andy Lloyd
14 September 2009 - 23:56:40

I am most grateful when visitors leave a message in my guest book. On the page I mention that it was a colleague who told me about James Forsyth. That person is Richard Forsyth the ex-Stoke and Birmingham footballer. He too is pleased of the interest the poem as created. Thank you once again for the feedback. 
Comment by: Robbie
02 September 2009 - 21:08:31

I too am a gt gt grandaughter of William Forsyth. The Forsyths were a Kelso family many of whom were sculptors, masons and architects.
William and James worked for the earl of Dudley on his Scottish estate, and then came to work for him in England, at Witley Court and the surrounding area. William settled in Worcester, but James moved on to live in London where he had an extensive sculture business, receiving many important commissions. 
Comment by: Elizabeth Moncrieff
02 September 2009 - 15:50:19

Loved the poem. James was my Great,Great,Great Uncle. His brother William was my Great Great Grandfather. Love to Know more about them. 
Comment by: Diana Forrow
01 September 2009 - 16:17:09

Thank's Jenny, I've told Billy's mom about your message. He climbs over the fence now instead of shouting over it! 
Comment by: Robbie
20 August 2009 - 11:14:36

Love the 'oh Billy' poem 
Comment by: Jenny
20 August 2009 - 00:04:42

I was born and brought up in the village of Collessie and my parents lived in the house that is shown on your main picture beside the church they lived there for 43 years. I am curious to know why you wrote about the wee village that has really changed beyond recognition for the wee hamlet it was in the 1960/1970's. Regards Alison 
Comment by: Alison Quinn
06 August 2009 - 16:29:17

Ref, A SCOTTISH BAR. The latest Scottish Bar that I have visited is Macbeths in Trondheim, Norway.  
Comment by: Robbie
01 August 2009 - 07:55:10

If you are in Santa Ponsa go to the Dubliner. The Paddywacks play there and are brilliant. 
Comment by: Anon
16 July 2009 - 00:05:50

Olah from Majorca Mr Kennedy.  
Comment by: Anon
13 July 2009 - 08:53:54

Just had the time to look at your fabulous site. Really great stories and poetry, Fife tourism should be featuring your work!. Thanks for your mention of Strathmiglo United and please visit us when you are in the area. Best wishes, John and Sheila.  
Comment by: John Schofield
03 June 2009 - 14:56:28

At last i have time to enjoy your work (passion) Cheers Bob, lovely poem.
Comment by: Richard Forsyth
21 May 2009 - 21:05:59

i loved that one about the thirty robbie and your comments after about it now. rick 
Comment by: rick
18 May 2009 - 16:35:42

They say that a goalie has to be daft, he has to be daft and has to be saft, Well there's no one dafter than Hoddy, no one safter than Hoddy. Have I told you they have to be brave, occasionally be able to make a great save? Hoddy was brave and could make a great save, that's all that I want you to know. But I must be daft and I must be saft, to blow up his dam blasted ego!
Comment by: Robbie
21 April 2009 - 05:51:53

thanks for the mention about being a real goalie good for the ego 
Comment by: barry hodson
21 March 2009 - 14:47:02

hi robbie told you i know how to get on the page sum good stuff but i thought i inspired you good luck mate  
Comment by: barry hodson
21 March 2009 - 14:36:17

Old Len Muir, funny and sad but nice. 
Comment by: Anon
20 March 2009 - 08:21:59

Nice one Dave, hope you are well. 
Comment by: Robbie
13 March 2009 - 17:39:12

so bennetts into poetry and i guess he`s pretty good,he was`nt a bad footballer especially in the mud . those good old sunday mornings playing till we dropped usually finishing off the game around 4 o`clock.
best wishes dave. 
Comment by:  dave brown
13 March 2009 - 11:50:25

Thanks Kelvin for visiting and the compliments and John for the 'Thirty' contribution.

Great days John. 
Comment by: Robbie
13 March 2009 - 08:07:24

Joined 67-68 season,probably the youngest of the 30, never threatened,always encouraged,what lovely memories and happy days. The Browns, Big Chris, Weave,Clampy, Kiddle,Pyder,Bully,Benny,H,The Pitts,Billy Walker and all. I remember Rough Hills Rangers played a friendly at Bantock Park arranged by Micky Brown. Won 2-0. The opposition wanted to buy Robbie and Ian Bosworth for 10 shillings. Best mates, great memories!  
Comment by: John Meese
12 March 2009 - 22:55:28

I really enjoyed your work and it is obvious you have talent,keep up the good work. 
Comment by: kelvin
10 March 2009 - 18:10:43

Hi Simon,
Thanks for visiting. I shall mention you on that page. 
Comment by: Robbie
17 February 2009 - 18:51:59

I was one of the thirty but five years later. Also played for Park Hall juniors in 73 on pitch by The Monkey. Played for Park Hall Juniors on the pitch by the Monkey. All Saints Sports Day,winning the 60 mtr sack race. Many happy memories playing football and cricket down the field.
Thanks for the memories.
Comment by: simon askey
16 February 2009 - 19:45:00

Great work mate, I really love the footie poems.
Keep up the great poems Paul Ryan Ben 
Comment by: Paul Giles
19 December 2008 - 22:12:39

Comment by: MAC PEEBLES
14 December 2008 - 16:56:58

Wishing all visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Comment by: Robbie Kennedy Bennett
13 December 2008 - 18:09:05

Not only does this type of writing make you wonder who Robbie or Rabbie really is but also who we are.  
Comment by: Anon
13 November 2008 - 13:38:56

Great poems, the passion for God's country shines through 
Comment by: Steve Finnie
12 November 2008 - 15:19:39

Have been researching James Forsyth for years. He deserves recognition love the poem. 
Comment by: Bernice Forsyth
11 November 2008 - 08:10:37

When you read this poetry, it really makes you relive history and different times and places, but you really wonder about who Robbie and Rabbie were......

They were two kinds of different people and very much admired each other I think.
I liked reading the poetry.
Thank you.
Kathy Ann Lack
Comment by: Ms. Kathy Macalpine
10 November 2008 - 02:49:08

Hi Robbie
Just wanted to put a wee note in your Guest Book. I love your poetry and especially your passion for Fife.
Keep up the good work.
Comment by: May
08 October 2008 - 17:42:19

The poem about Stan Cullis in my opinion should be forwarded to the club where his statue stands for consideration to be printed in their matchday programme.  
Comment by: Owen
02 October 2008 - 08:59:42

truly amazing, just pure pleasure 
Comment by: r.jackson
22 September 2008 - 16:34:09

yo cor beat a bit of good poetry,
All them words together in rhyme
Sometimes they are loving and gentle
Others mek yer loff all the time.
There's wun of them writers called Robbie
Who does it so good he's the best
He does it while watching the footie
In his shorts and his little black vest 
Comment by: Pete the hat
04 September 2008 - 20:28:14

Olah from Spain 
Comment by: anonymous
21 August 2008 - 08:54:48

Footie Poems page cover a broad range players from different clubs. The poet obviously appreciates and respects all aspects of the game. 
Comment by: Owen
31 July 2008 - 14:30:16

Hiya Rob,
Just been on for 1st time in a while.
Still loving it Mate. Your journey looked superb, glad you enjoyed it. 
Comment by: Sparky
22 July 2008 - 08:43:33

I've read an old article in the Black Country Bugle. A great page of reading Mr Kennedy. 
Comment by: Anon
29 June 2008 - 15:15:18

Excellent poems and pictures of the Fife Coastal Path Mr Kennedy. 
Comment by: Anon
29 June 2008 - 15:06:34

I'm collecting your poems. Your work is a gift from God. Keep at it. 
Comment by: Bob P
03 June 2008 - 08:53:40

Nice one Keith, how about forwarding it to the Football Poets website. There is a link on the bottom of my first page. 
Comment by: Robbie
19 May 2008 - 08:58:43

he twists he turns
his name is tommy burns
he bleeds green and white
a player with skill and fight

he always knew the right things to say
in 1996 he got the hoops to play football the glasgow celtic way
full of laughs full of smiles
one of the best coaches by miles

celtic in the head celtic in the mind
a better man you coudnt find
hands of warmth, a heart of gold
i was too young to remember him, but what a player im told!

determentation, spirit and skill
these were showed even when he was fighting ill
a special man for all to see
if celtic had his qualities whata team we would be!

for you tommy i write this poetic song
if tears could build a stairway from heaven you wud be back here
were you BELONG!
gone in spirit but here in soul
RIP Tommy
Comment by: keith perry
18 May 2008 - 15:22:13

Hi Sparky,
Ian Understands is about the memorial of a kilted soldier in the parish of Methil and Buckhaven in Fife. I studied it as I was walking the Coastal Path in 2007. I thought of a man I know named Ian who is grateful of those who fought and died for his freedom. The poem about the old soldier is probably the Next Gift To Life Is Freedom that I wrote in 1992. It is about no one in particular but of life at that time and families that have suffered in World Wars. 
Comment by: Robbie
09 April 2008 - 08:28:02

Hiya Mate,
Just read the poems about the war memorials and the old soldier, beautiful!
Comment by: Sparky
07 April 2008 - 15:04:50

The Kingdom of Fife is a story within a poem so moving. More so if you know Fife.  
Comment by: Anon

26 March 2008 - 08:10:55
Your poems are fabulous.

You've written some wonderful ones about Fife. I love them.
Wishing you much fame with your poetry.
Best wishes,
Comment by: May
03 March 2008 - 10:50:38

Like the ones about Froggie Mate. And congrats again on the latest addition.
Comment by: Sparky
09 January 2008 - 11:36:42

hi thanks you for your poem about froggie x 
Comment by: Lynn
28 December 2007 - 21:13:47

love and enjoyed your poems great work my special nephew all of us in usa  
Comment by: joangrabert
03 November 2007 - 01:47:28

oops! thanks tim. 
Comment by: Robbie
22 September 2007 - 12:39:35

celtic won the european cup in 1967 not 1968 as stated 
Comment by: timmolloy
22 September 2007 - 10:28:00

Such a nice bloke and a true person
also a great poet
bob really means alot to me and you can learn alot from is experiance thank you bob  
Comment by: Paul John
19 September 2007 - 23:56:08

Hiya Buddy.
Just showing some of the lads your work, most impressed! 
Comment by: Sparky
17 September 2007 - 16:24:52

Justlinked here via Scottish Poets, what an impressively done w/s Robbie, with pics, will read on. Cheers - Frank E Gibbard. 
Comment by: Frank E Gibbard
07 September 2007 - 17:24:24

Hi Robbie,
Enjoying your website, lovely poems.
I really liked the poem about the Kingdom of Fife.  
Comment by: John
19 August 2007 - 11:06:33