Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett. IN A BASEMENT BAR IN LIMERICK. A stroll along the River Shannon after work and an evening in Limerick listening to live music and experiencing the atmosphere. A FIELD BY THE FOYLE, is there treasure in the soil?

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by Robbie Kennedy Bennett 2004

They sang The Flower of Scotland
After The Green Fields of France,
In a basement bar in Limerick
The young and the old did dance.
The passionate people of Ireland
Like a prayer they knew every word,
At the end of the evening when drinking was done
The calling of time wasn't heard.
The Guinness flowed sweetly for hours
And we sang the old Celtic songs,
The troubles and fighting in Ireland
Who knows what is right and what's wrong.
The next day we flew home from Shannon
I looked down on the Old Irish Sea
The songs that we sang back in Limerick
Will sing on forever with me.
They sang The Flower of Scotland
After The Green Fields of France,
In a basement bar in Limerick
The young and the old did dance.

A few years ago I was working in Limerick and in the evenings socialised in the town. I was in the company of a colleague from Dublin and enjoyed the Irish singers who were performing. From then on I have got to know some of the music and most Sundays I tune in to the Bob Brolly’s Irish show on Radio West Midlands.

This summer 2009 my wife and I returned to Santa Ponsa and visited the Dubliner remembering how good the music was there. We found the duo there even better than the year before. They are called the Paddywacks and have got to be one of the best Irish music acts on the circuit. The well-known ‘craic’ is evident and covers of songs are excellent.

In a Basement Bar in Limerick © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

A FIELD BY THE FOYLE © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Clouds were low and rain did fall,
over there somewhere is Inishowen in County Donegal.
I’m looking at a rainbow disappear
into a field by the Foyle, the lovely Lough Foyle.

Come tomorrow, when I look again,
blow away clouds and go away rain.
For now Inishowen, let’s patiently wait,
I’m searching for a rainbow, looks like I’m too late.

Come the next day it’s Belfast to fly,
driving by the Sperrin Mountains, a view there to die.
Still thinking of a rainbow, and I have to ask why?
Is there treasure in the soil by the lovely Lough Foyle?

Clouds were high and home did call,
farewell dear Derry and Inishowen in County Donegal.
I saw a rainbow and watched it disappear
into a field by the Foyle, the lovely Lough Foyle.

Eglinton smiles, Ballykelly friendliness,
made the whole few days a success.
I watched a rainbow reappear,
there sure is treasure in the soil by the lovely Lough Foyle.

A Field by the Foyle © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Looking out from Foyle View Bed and Breakfast, Clooney Road, Ballykelly on a cloudy wet morning not able to see over to the other side of the water. A rainbow appeared making the scene more interesting. The following morning was a complete change allowing me to see the Lough Foyle and Inishowen in County Donegal.
‘Ballykelly friendliness’ refers to the owners of Foyle View B&B who were superb hosts and ‘Eglinton smiles’ to the young ladies in the Coffee Cup on Main Street who welcomed our custom wholeheartedly when we thought they were closing and sent us home well fed. Customer service at its best.


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