Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett. IN YORKSHIRES CAPITAL CITY

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by Robbie Kennedy Bennett 2006

The archway in the Abbey wall,
It stands high over 10 feet tall.
In Yorkshires capital city,
Where the streets are quaint and pretty.

Aside the road at Bootham Bar,
I picture the scene before the age of car.
The horse and coaches travel,
Narrow reigns with their hands unravel.
I could feel the rumble on soily ground,
And the clatter of hooves on cobbled sound.
That’s what I imagined for a moment or two,
Then a sign on the wall came into view.
In Yorkshires capital city,
Where the streets are quaint and pretty.

Lord Abbot’s guest in 1503,
This lassie was travelling north to be.
James of Scotlands bride,
In honour of Princess Margaret,
Henry’s daughter, for King and crown.
In honour of Princess Margaret,
The Abbey wall was broken down.

In the arch I look inside,
The stone is weathered and worn.
In this modern time,
This historic city divine,
A Royal guest and an oath to be sworn
This medieval structured wall,
The arch is high over 10 feet tall.
In her royal dress,
When they broke through this stone
Did they impress?
For this wall at Bootham Bar,
Was their defence from the north,
From the threat of armies afar.
In Yorkshires capital city,
Where the streets are quaint and pretty.
The Minster bells still ring,
For York, her people, for Queen and King.

I stood by the arch where it did approach.
And pictured the Royal coach,
1503 on a July day,
Caledonia she made her way.

Property of RKB

In Yorkshires Capital City © Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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