Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett.


We Knew We Had Love
The Penny Will Drop
A Wulfrunian Way
From Gt Britain to Louisiana
Sarah Ann And The September Sky
I Never Knew Him as Grandad
A Tribute to Nan and Grandad
Welcome to Scotland
The Kingdom of Fife
In My Blood
Be in the Wind Dad
The Old Scottish Stone
She’s a Kennedy from Kirkcaldy
“Can I Help You?” She Asked
Sojourn in St Andrews
Kingskettle Cemetery...Oh Isabella
I Should Have Played For Ladybank Violet
Pull Your Ladybank Panther Shirt Over Your Head
Three Hundred Miles away
Quiet Like in North Queensferry
Thomas Joseph Harris
Grab o' Th' Glass
When I Walked to Leven
A Friendly Fifer Said “Hello”
Did Alexander Kennedy Walk This Way?
The Silver Trail to Crail
Th' Shores o' Fife
They Walked All The Way From Glasgow
St Andrews I'm On My Way
The Bonnie Bonnie Sand of St Andrews Bay
From This Window Fife I See
You Keep on Singing Scotland
He Was There With Me Last Night
Munro O' Broughty Ferry
Bella's Lament
Tell Me O' The Tay
Falkland Was Lovely Oh Aye
Damn Ye Scotland
I Love The Lomonds
Auld Dundee With Hector
In Through The Door Runs a Little One
Here in The Howe
Auchtermuchty Fields
Highland Infantryman
Home From Home Across The Border
The Cupar Highland Games
The Piper Played by Cupar Hearts
I Thought a Wee While
Fifers in Our Family Tree
A Fifer Burns Inside of Me
A Picture View
You Are Too Far Away
A St Andrews Wedding in June
A Painting by Jack Vettriano
Aberdour Greets Me Kindly
Lovely, Littoral Elie
Only a Field in Kincaple
The Morra Was On The Way to Pettycur Bay
Kingdom Come
Fifers Day 1938
Far Away Scottish Fields
Soldier, Kirkcaldy Soldier
Fife My Friend
The Terrace of the Bell Rock Tavern
This Public Bar in Ladybank
Come Stand With Me in Ladybank
Never Cheer Against Scotland
Scotland Didnae Die
It's What You Are
Thinking o' Fife an' Dundee
Run On With St Andrews United
Cannae See Kinkle Braes Today Mr Traill
Fife am I Early or Fifty Years Late?
The Bridge That I Cross O'er in St Michaels
She Came a' Courting With Me
Hurting of Leaving Fife
Saying Goodbye to Fife
Inherent Wolverhampton
May Th' Lovely Lassie

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This book has been very well written.......... the poetry is excellent....... very well written...... I would definitely recommend this book. (see on Amazon)
Really enjoyed Robbie's poetry, it guides you through a passage of his family history and how he came to be where he is now. (see on Amazon)
A very enjoyable book. would highly recommend. (see on Amazon)
So happy to receive your book I just can't put it down it means so much to me and to know someone so close to me wrote it, love you Robbie xxx
"absolutely brilliant" was the call I received from Bob P. regarding my book in June 2015.
Hi, Robbie, how are you? hope all is well. Great news on your book, mate, grand to see it in print at last. really enjoying"Wulfrunian Footprints In Fife" on my kindle, you paint a lovely picture with your words. My new book is nearing completion and was wondering if I could use one of your poems in THE GUEST SPOT. I already have a couple of contributors and would love to have one of yours....thinking of "When I Walked To Leven"...or any other if you would be so kind...cheers, BOB.(Robert Brews, Author and Poet)
As a Wulfrunian I have never been to Scotland. There was a lot of Scots who came down to the midlands to find work, got married, had children and stayed here. In this book Robbie wanted to go the other way. I am glad I went on his magical carpet ride. A Scottish friend and I laid a map of Fife on the table and traced Robbie's steps with him. (MB)
Once again Bob, what a great read, infectious, could not put it down. (MP)

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Property of RKB

Time spent in and around Ladybank, Fife, and seeing plenty that my Dad would have seen in his childhood years. This poem was printed in the Fife Leader in August 2003.

The Kingdom of Fife © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

FIVE YARDS FROM A SILVER BIRCH. A poem about visiting where my Father's ashes lie.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

part extract;
Five Yards From a Silver Birch ©

Never laid a flower,
in remembrance of you or my darkest hour.
Not a single daffodil or a rose in bloom,
but every year I have read your name,
On a page of a book in a sombre room...

part extract;
Robbie Kennedy Bennett

It’s pleasing to be where you’ve been,
And to see what you’ve seen,
The fields of farmers corn,
The cottage in where you were born,
Those Lanes with walls of stone,
Did you run or wander and roam...

Your son,

Fife Ancestry
Bennet, Cramond, Traill, Brown,
Kennedy, Duff, Anderson, Hunter, Rae.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett
KINGDOM COME © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

If a Grandchild crosses o’er the Forth
shall I weep?
With a happy heart shall I sleep?

Gracious because they have looked beyond the obvious
gone o’er the daily horizon,
delve they must and have to go far
to discover themselves and who they are.

Will they have the thirst for kindred research
walk in the shadow of Collessie church,
intent to conjoin in Kingskettle.

Back to the Kingdom they came
experience the feeling of reading a name,
who, what and where, I prepare for the question
engaging themselves in ancestry digestion.

If a Grandchild crosses o’er the Forth
shall I cry?
Will it happen before I die?

Content, satisfied, sad and proud too
If a Grandchild crosses o’er the Forth
signifying my wish has come true.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

A decade has passed since first researching deeper into our Scottish roots. Although putting it in the written word, I have always wondered if family members of the next generation would follow and see it for themselves.

It was a cloudy Good Friday morning 2012 when 3 generations of Bennett's drove over the Forth heading first for Collessie and then Ladybank. We had our picture taken at the War Memorial where I am in possession of a newspaper cutting reporting that 'Mr H.Bennet, Picture House Manager had allowed it to be used for raising funds for the War Memorial'. I should imagine that it would be after the First World War as he had passed away himself before the Second.

After lunch in the welcome Ladybank Tavern, as my wife and I often do, we then made tracks for Kingskettle and then onto Pettycur Bay where we had booked a long weekend in a caravan. The weather was mixed throughout as I pointed to signs of rain at Edinburgh across the Forth.

Next day was spent around St Andrews, parking near the East Sands. It was touching to see family of mine playing where ancestors before them would have been. Sailing back and forth on fisher boats, Baker's, Domestic Servants, Railway Porter's and grafting in the now demolished Gas Works.

Over the years I had found addresses, gravestones and a name on the War Memorial in St Andrews and it was a proud feeling to show them to other descendants.

On the evening, back on the south coast, we had booked a table in the Burntisland Sands Hotel. I had visited there earlier to ask if they were 'child friendly? “Extremely”I was told. I had asked as we had 2 children in our party aged 5 and under. “And we have rabbits out the back for them to take a wee look at” she said in a welcome manner. Staff were helpful with a child seat for the youngest and soon on the scene when the evening sun was in her eyes, kindly drawing the curtains. 'Friendly Fifers' I thought, recalling a poem I had wrote in 2007 about being here in Burntisland.

After our meal before strolling along the sands, I wanted to show them the Beech House where I had stayed in 2007 when first walking the Fife Coastal Path. They were taken by the park and expressed and interest to come back there the next day for the children to play. It proved to be a chilly but pleasant setting with the Church bells chiming and trains occasionally passing by.

I had pointed out the monument on the road to Pettycur where Alexander III had fell over the cliff. For the next couple of days, whenever we passed by I asked my grandson “what happened there? He excitedly answered “the King fell off his horse!

The next evening we once again booked a meal in the Burntisland Sands Hotel as they were true to their word 'extremely child friendly' and their meals and service were very good. Highly recommended by the Bennett's and a credit to Burntisland and the Kingdom of Fife.

'Content, satisfied, sad and proud too
If a Grandchild crosses o’er the Forth
signifying my wish has come true'.

Although it proved to be a long Bank Holiday journey back, I had driven a child of mine and family o'er the Forth and could tell that they had connected wholeheartedly with Fife.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Kingdom Come © Robbie Kennedy Bennett
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