Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett.

Collessie, Fife from Halhill Farm, with the magnificent Lomond Hills in the background.

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Cloudy in Collessie ©

Strawmoor Lane a thistle grows
I drift to somewhere far away
Is it cloudy in Collessie this fine day

Cloudy in Collessie
Clear sky o’er Kirkcaldy
Largo, I ask if all is well quayside
By the Crusoe hotel
Is it cloudy in Collessie this fine day

Cloudy in Collessie © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Whenever I see the weather forecast in newspapers or on television not only do I check on the midlands and Staffordshire but also the Kingdom of Fife. Here is a sample of pictures related to the poem.

Thistle in Strawmoor Lane, Staffordshire.
Property of RKB

Aside the Crusoe Hotel, Largo, Fife.
Property of RKB

A favoured place near Oaken.
Property of RKB

Crail, Fife
Property of RKB

Always watching the weather
Bringing two localities together

Cloudy in Collessie © Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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