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© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

The oldest bridge over the River Nith built in the 13th century by Lady Devorgilla of Galloway, mother of John Balliol who for a short period was King of Scotland.

LADY DEVORGILLA BRIDGE © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

The River Nith with a pattern perhaps of a fin?
© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Late December 2008
© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

From Lockerbie we went to our hotel in Dumfries for a 2-night break departing News Years Eve. The weather was cold and frosty making it all quite picturesque. A couple of drinks in the Douglas Arms on the corner of Irish Street as I usually do when I am in Dumfries and obviously absorbing the hometown of Robbie Burns. It was here at Greyfriars Church in 1306 where Robert the Bruce drew his dirk and stabbed Red Comyn. He lay bleeding because of his act of treachery towards Bruce who then rushed outside to tell Kirkpatrick of Closebourn what he had done. He then went in to the church and finished off Comyn who lay dieing, resulting in the Kirkpatrick motto of ‘I mak Siccar’ meaning ‘I will make Sure’. Robert the Bruce then fled to be crowned King of Scotland knowing that news would reach Edward and anger him. We have been to Dumfries many times and have some lovely pictures of the Auld Brig but the feel of December made it exciting.

Born on a day when Robert the Bruce became King.

Robbie Burns statue in Dumfries.
© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

We spent the next day driving around the Solway Coast with stunning winter scenery. We walked on the frosty beach at Sandyhills and stepped on the frozen wash of the sea. From there we stopped of at Dalbeatie to walk around the town and have a cup of tea. On the wall outside the town hall office is a tablet dedicated to the heroism of Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch RNH, a native of Dalbeatie who was first officer on the HMS Titanic.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Lady Devorgilla Bridge © Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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