Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Good day Mister, are ye a trawler man?

Aye son, I am what you think I am.
Aye son, I am a trawler man.

Excuse me Mister, it is my wish to be a trawler man.

Why do you want to be every day in th’ open sea?
You nae want to be a trawler man like me.

Mister, I hear a trawler man is brave.
I hear ye sail in many a storm an’ see a great ben wave.

Aye son, I’ve seen many a time a great ben wave.
Aye son, I thought I was headin’ for a watery grave.

A trawler man will many times throughout his year,
Sail in storms like you’ve never seen an’ fight his fear.
I could tell ye many a tale,
We’re in th’ hands of th’ laird when we set sail.

Excuse me Mister, how loud is th’ surf of th’ lifting net,
Is there a knot in your gut
As you wait for th’ sight of th’ fish you get?

Aye son, th’ thrill we get when we draw in a colossus catch,
Is a thrill that nae man who lives on land could ever match.

Sometimes th’ wind is a mighty force,
She can blow us intae danger an’ well off course.
A trawler was strugglin’ only yesterday,
I havnae heard yet if they were lost or got away.

But why are ye waiting so early by this quay?
Ye nae want tae be a trawler man like me.

Mister, I am waiting for my elder brothers,
To tell me if th’ waves were bigger than others.
Th’ one that almost took them an’ shipmates down,
They told me that they thought they were gonnae drown.
They willnae let me be a trawler man at sea,
They’re my elder brothers an’ like them I want tae be.

My elder brothers are strong an’ brave,
They’re nae afraid of a great ben wave.
I want to be on their trawler out at sea,
A trawler man is want I want tae be.

So will ye tell them that you’ve met me an’ ye think I can,
Will ye tell them that ye think I can be a trawler man?

Good day Mister, good day Mister Trawler Man.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

A fictional story poem of the Scottish fishing industry passed down from father to son. The danger that the Trawler men face from the unpredictable weather and the ocean combined.


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