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© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

part extract;
© Poetic Writing of Robbie Kennedy Bennett www.rkbpoetry.co.uk

Old boats and history
Norwegian mystery,
Water world, Trondheim water world.
At the mouth of the river Nidelva,
A city of culture I found,
Nidaros cathedral architecture
On religious ground I strolled around.

Water world, Trondheim water world.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Late July and into early August 2009 I had the pleasure and experience of spending one week work related business in Trondheim, Norway. When first being informed about this my research found my hotel to be close to the river and docks. This pleased me as it is part of my past to enjoy and appreciate coastal life and to understand as best I can the everyday lifestyle and history included.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Trondheim grew around the estuary of the river Nidelva and is the historical capital of Norway. The Nidaros Cathedral is built over the tomb of Saint Olav.

I was fortunate to have a hotel room with a view over the bay and often saw the ferries sailing in and out of Tronheim’s busy port. I was free every day and walked endlessly along the river and the city streets. On this one particular day I noticed from my window a cruise ship heading into port. It really was a magnificent sight and I hurried down to quayside to see the Costa Luminosa docking. I was soon on the phone to my brother who raised it on the Internet surprisingly seeing the actual video coverage of arriving in Trondheim a few minutes earlier.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Below is a link to the Costa Luminosa.

Around the city were plenty of statues, musicians and sports people included. One such statue stands outside the Tourist Information in the market square is of a woman who was seen at the market most days. “Go dagen” was her reply to anyone who greeted her and was obviously a character of her time.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

For me the most impressive statue is of Leiv Eriksson described on the plaque as “an important symbol of ethnic pride for Americans of Nordic heritage”. He sailed from this harbour in the year 1000 to what is now known as North America.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

The statue of Leiv looks out to sea beyond Munkholmen “The Monks Isle” which was the former execution ground of Trondheim. I took a boat trip out to there one day where a former Monks Monastery was converted into a prison.

I noticed from my hotel window before retiring to bed that the sky never completely went dark. One particular night at 10.30pm the sun was still shining into the room. This picture was my just before mid-night and soon to be checking out and heading home.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Ha det Trondheim ha det.

Trondheim Water World © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Part extract of; I WON'T GIVE UP ON BRITIAN © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Sometimes I long to fly away
But I love the flight back home,
No matter how far I go
Nor how far I roam.

The sun may tan my skin
And the tension could be gone,
It makes no difference where I am
Or if the sun has shone.

I won't give up on Britain
Or the Union Jack,
No matter how far I go
I'm always coming back.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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