Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett.


Inherent Wolverhampton
She Was on Leave
A Wulfrunian Way
The Trolley Bus on Tuesday
The Missing Fence in a Rough Hills Alley
Digging for Australia
Kenny Bates Carried The Coconut Mat
Looking For Newts Down by the Speedway
Black and Gold, Gold and Black, Everywhere o' Everywhere
Outside the Monkey House
Another's Childhood I've No Wish to Steal
What a Treat to Dangle Your Feet
In The Back Room, With The Coal Fire Burning
My Uncle Bill
The Old Molineux Floorboards
My Green Rayleigh Bicycle
Under the Moon and the Stars at Nash Court
'Little old me' Winning a Medal for Eastfield at Aldersley
Looking Back, I Should've Kept The Old School Tie
The Aroma of Snellings Chips
The Rooker Avenue Cobbler
Sweethearts Alone in Torquay
Pretty Was The Girl I Saw in Parkfields
Peter Blakeney's Dad Couldn't Half Sing
Running the Wolverhampton Marathon
In 94 Here I Am
The Blue Railings of Bayliss Jones Bayliss's Sports Ground
An Old Fashion Evening in the Black Horse
She Came a' Courting With Me
My Ambassador Bowling Alley Days
"Hello Billy, Hello Billy Wright”
The Trusty Morris Minor
I Thought I'd Forgot Those Pictures
A Badge on a Blazer, a Shirt and Tie
Happy in Wolverhampton
Impossible to Run the Heart Out of Micky Hart
It Was Back in Parkfields
One of us said "I shall love you 'till I die"
I Walked Five Laps For Michael
The Bravest of Brave
Stones of Borth
A Daughter of Bilston
St Mary Were You Here?
As Usual She Had That Lovely Bright Smile
Hag, You Would Have Loved 'em
The Red Sky in Our Street
Just Me and the All Saints Road Sign
Old Wulfrunians Wearing Victorian Clothes
Give Me My Lifetime
On a Train From Coseley
My Mind Turns Back to Dusty Old Days

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What thoughtful observations for a Wolverhampton kid. I have enjoyed most of his thoughts about schooldays because his school of Eastfield was always very active in sport. My school was Springfield always gave them a hard time. (MB)
A very true to life if you are a Wolverhampton person. Very enjoyable. (MP)
omg what ave i done amazon are only delivering a book today that describes were i come from in my youth and what moi and others got up to in our far distant pasts of 65 years ago lol ...dread to think ,,,but looking forward to reading it as its written by one of our own that was there back inda day ,,,what memories will it bring ??? but really looking forward to it ,,,, (LC)
its been read bought back childhood memories and places and people i once new ,,great read (LC)
robbie book read done and dusted bought many a memory back so its looking like my next bit of social history reading is going to be awa the rough hills and remember things that have lay dormant in my mind for years lol p/s was freddie lavender a driver as i used t work we a chap of that name ??? (LC)
I got copied into a fantastic message yesterday on social media:
"Today I Had The Privilege And Great Honour To Meet Robbie Kennedy Bennett, A Fantastic Wolverhampton Man."
"A Wolverhampton poet ...he signed 2 books ... Brilliant !!
He also added;
"I was a bit over whelmed yesterday it was great to meet you ..Oh Flower Of Scotland" "I love your writing." (CB)

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part extract;
by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

I descend from a working class background;
I grew up in a town of my mothers line.
I live everyday a Wulfrunian way,
And there is nothing that I want that is not mine.
There are family names scattered all around,
Roots of mine are in this town,
Within the soil deep in the ground.
Goodyear company my grandad served,
Long service recognition was well deserved..

Painting of St Peters Church and gardens by Leslie Broadfield, descendant of the Williams line of Wolverhampton.

Displayed with kind permission.

A Wulfrunian Way © Robbie Kennedy Bennett

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