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© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

UP THE WREKIN © Robbie Kennedy Bennett www.rkbpoetry.co.uk

Don’t be wondering why I ain’t talkin’
cause I’m thinking of going walkin’
Instead of hangin’ about
I’ve gotta go out.

Don’t be askin’ why I ain’t speakin’
cause I’m thinkin’ of scaling the Wrekin
And I’ve heard it said
‘yam a long time jed’

A good old Black Country philosophy
keeps spinning around my yed
Yam a long time gone
‘yam a long time jed’

Sarnie of sausage, a positive mood
a cup o’ tea, I ate my food
Climbing the Wrekin to see the view
and the dog came too.

Typically Staffie telepathy
body language she can read
looking at me she was
and looking at her lead.

Soon I was on the M54
with a heart so full of glee
An adventuring head was on
yam a long time gone.

So there’s the reason why I wasn’t speakin’
I was thinkin’of scaling the Wrekin
instead of hangin’ about
I had to go out
Cause I’ve heard it said
‘yam a long time jed’

A good old Black Country philosophy
my walking shoes were on
'hav sum fun me old son'
yam a long time gone.

Yam a long time gone
I’ve heard it said
A long time gone
‘yam a long time jed’

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

It had been a while since I’d been up the Wrekin and thought it was about time. The 3rd day of 2010 and I had a job to finish. Cloud had descended the last time and when I got to the summit there was very little to see.


© Robbie Kennedy Bennett


© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Up the Wrekin © Robbie Kennedy Bennett


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