Poetic Writing of ROBBIE KENNEDY BENNETT © www.rkbpoetry.co.uk Born in Wolverhampton of English and Scottish parentage. He grew up on the Rough Hills Estate area of the town and his Scottish ancestral roots are in the Kingdom of Fife and Dundee. The author is now residing in Codsall, Staffordshire. Drawings, pictures and writing are copyright of the author Robbie Kennedy Bennett. On This Page; Back an' Forth tae' Fife Th' Callin' o' Fife

Back an' Forth Biography;
My second book about my poetic ancestral journey from my Wulfrunian upbringing to the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland.

Drawn down the path of my dad and our bloodline to villages such as Collessie and Ladybank and to the coastal towns of Kirkcaldy and St Andrews. This is a continuous story that developed after the passing of my late dad. Delving into my roots brought a fascination of life and events in their time that I creatively write about. 'Wulfrunian Footprints in Fife' set the ball rolling and continues with this book 'Back an' Forth tae Fife.'

In 2014 came 25 years of writing in which over a decade of that had included a Scottish theme. This being as I was influenced greatly by this historic county of Scotland. The characteristic of the coast and landscape brought inspiration to many of the writings. As I have grown older  my appreciation of Fife is a proud ancestral inheritance.

The odes within are heartfelt and warming that will take you back to a past that included my Fife ancestors. My imaginative mind created poems of the time of my forefathers in the land of theirs that they  lived. New generations have now made this journey back to their roots ensuring that our Fife connection will continue in mind and spirit.


All About Fife

My Wulfrunian Footprints in Fife

Scotland Looking Extremely Bonnie

When ye come tae Scotland

The Ancient Town

Who Knows? Could be th' Best Time o th' Day

Early, in St Andrews Harbour

The Wee Lobster Boats of St Andrews

Ruts in the Brae on the Coast of Scotland

"May Not Be a Laddie" a Voice Said

Thistles Were Plenty on the Arbroath Road

Scotland oh my Bonnie Scotland

Kin o' mine an' the' Ladybank War Memorial

Ladybank Years

One Early Morn Near Inverkeithing


'Oot the hie-gate is aye fair play'
Each and Every Day

Nae, It Was Ne'er Tae Late

Something and Nothing's Going on in Fife

I'm Nowhere Near

Daydreaming in Earlsferry

Thousands o' Miles

Dreaming, Sunrise to Sunset,
aside o' th' Silvery Tay

You Brought Something Different to England

Th’ Young Lassie Frae K’coddy

Dance My Silver Highland Lassies

The Kingdom Was Mine
When Approaching Kirkcaldy

A Kirkcaldy Beach

An Ode tae a Walkin' Stick

Scottish Love Comes With Me
to Walk the Lade Braes

She's On My Mind

If I Was Not Tae See Ye St Andreas

Tuesday's Sunset

Shadow on the Stane

Be Yourself

My Inheritance

Th' Proud Auld Trekking Ode Writer in Fife

Those Scottish Shorts of 1987

When Aaron Came

One Day Liam

She Has Astounded Me, Kiera-Marie

Caitlyn's Prize

Do I know You?

A Magnificent Journey to Fife

Agnes, I Thought of You

You Wanted to Come Home

St Andrews Square in a Staffordshire Garden

Come ye Rest Beside me Dad

The Cathedral Ruins in St Andrews Mist

Following My Ancestral Trail

Haste ye Back Wulfrunian Laddie,
Haste ye Back

Those Scottish Shorts of 1987

Alright Dad

The Daylight in Fife

I have just started to read this latest book. Again I look forward to pulling up the bed sheets over my head and let Robbie transport me on his magical carpet once more in an accent I understand. I have contacted some friends of mine who have settled in his beloved Fife and told them of Robbie's book, they have invited me to stay.
Once again my poet friend you are a legend. Each time I read your books they lift me up. Keep them coming my good friend, nearly finished your latest book (fantastic). (MP)
The Amazon man arrived today with a package at 4pm, yes the books arrived. It is now just turned 7.30pm and have just finished reading your book. I did stop for tea. Admittedly I have skipped a couple of poems please take no offence, I will be back over this book again. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up over your writing, it's astonishing how all this history has passed us by without us knowing each other. You are a very good writer Robbie, I will pass it on to let my mother read. She will enjoy this. Long may you continue to produce such words. Avise la Fin, (AK)

Th' Callin' o' Fife is third in line of my descriptive poetic writing about my ancestral roots in Scotland. First came 'Wulfrunian Footprints in Fife' followed by 'Back an' Forth tae Fife.' They are periods of my writing of what I knew of or found out about at that particular time. It's been a fascinating journey that this laddie from Wolverhampton has travelled, taking into consideration that I was middle age when making my first visit to Fife.

Content of Odes;

A Scottish Wulfrunian Lecture

Imaginable days of Isaiah Owen

Could be the Iconic Image of Scotland

Ballingry, Oh Ballingry

My Pride in The Tay

Hang Up Yer Boots Rab

A Wee Verse for My Ain Folk

A Bonnie Grandaughter Likeness

Today I'm Awa' tae Scotland

The Half Ay Fife That You Refuse tae Let Go

Lucas in the East Lothian Sunrise of Gold


A Wee Piece o' th' Heart Has the Parish of Dysart

Kinghorn, Look Out For a Wanderer

One Second of Time in The Auld Grey Toun

Nine and Five Eighths of a Mile From Pittenweem

The Greatest Pleasure Was Read

Get Tipsy and Tell yer Scottish Tale

Difficult tae Leave are yer Fife

An April Day in Collessie, Almost a Hogmanay Tale

O John Bennet

An Ode of a Shiny Fife Pound

Climbing Down a Ladder of Past Time in Old Dundee

Children of the Fisher Folk

You Came Back

Everlasting Sleep in Fife Ground

Driving Away From Tayport

Kisses and Wishes and Then

Anderson, Stand Sure Anderson

Do Yer Nae Wanae Leave K'cody?

Come to Shorehead

Relics an' th' Ruins

Saltire, Hardly Blowin'

Anywhere and Everywhere in St Andrews

William Wallace


My Tale of Writing Elizabeth Wallace Traill

Handling the Very Same Stone

Kilted by the Tay

The Very Moment of the Reading of Their Name

Kennedy, Trail, Bennet

Duff and Anderson of Kingsbarns

Giffordtown, ay Ye I've Heard

I Gave My All For Cupar Hearts

Ordinary Items Such as Sand and Staine

Come Here Fallen Soldier

A Kirkcaldy Man Named Kennedy

Isabella I Hear You Cry


I really liked your slideshow on YouTube of Th' Callin' o' Fife. I had a wee lump in my throat Robbie. Cheers for that. (AK)
Book was delivered today... Th' Callin o' Fife.. reading Isaiah Owen and loving it... cheers Robbie!(AW)

The very powerful thing in your scribe.. it's right from the heart.. it kills me you speak as I want to.. I think I have been there as you.. I shall read the next verse with a nightcap before bed !! Rough hills... low hills.. all the same ! Cheers Robbie !(AW)

I am half way through the new book.. I have to put it down as the mood for it comes and goes.. it's potent life stuff.. nice of you to share your life's thoughts !(AW)

.you're the same as me but you have the gift of condensing a load of memories into a verse and you never lose the focus of the 1st statement..its unique and moving..(AW)

Ha.. brilliant.. I'm still halfway through the new book.. I'm taking it on holls in 2 weeks for some propped relaxing beer read time.. saving it !! (AW)

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